Take that first step, now

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect to make things happen.  When people say they will “do it later”…. usually later never happens.  You do not have to have everything figured out– you just need to start with the first step and then it’s like a domino effect after that.  Be fearless….. Play in […]


How SoulCycle changed my life

“What’s Soulcycle?”,  I asked my friend when I learned one of the studios were opening near me in 4 months.  “It’s a super hard and fun spinning exercise choreographed to great music.”  Hmmmm….. “What date does it open?”  “How much does it cost?”  “How do I sign up for my first class?”  “Do I need […]


Why it’s important to start each day with Gratitute

Do you ever feel that life is controlling you?  Does your day get out of hand and you feel the abyss of bad emotions taking over?  Do you feel that the week was “bad” and you can’t wait for the weekend?  Are you just in “a bad mood?”  Do you want a change… for real?  […]