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Visiting Nyhavn in Copenhagen

by libertyjay

Ahhh…. My Scandinavian heart soared with delight in this charming part of our world. The architecture is unique, the waterfront of Nyhavn is breathtaking, and the open faced sandwich’s are Instagram worthy. We stayed for a week at Generator Hostel, just a few blocks from Nyhavn. Oh, don’t let the term Hostel scare you, it’s actually a nice and trendy place to stay, and for just a fraction more, you have private accommodations. We have stayed at various Generator Hostels–as they are peppered throughout Europe. I will share the highlights of Nyhavn so, let’s take a journey through this charismatic harbour.

Love lock bridge overlooking Nyhavn

Of course, everyone must see Nyhavn. It is a gorgeous 17th century waterfront district of Copenhagen. We came here daily as it was just a mere 3 min walk from where we were staying. It’s just remarkable with bold and bright colored buildings– nestled with sweetest little spots to eat. The sounds of seagulls, fog horns, and the gentle waves along the port entices you to grab a seat outside (offered with a complimentary blanket) and enjoy some fish ‘n chip as you take in the moment.

View of the boats along Nyhavn Canal

Be sure to try a signature open faced sandwich. I would suggest either Café Øresund or Barock–but you really can’t go wrong since most restaurants are pretty good here. The fish ‘n chip were probably my favorite. I had them for at least one meal every single day. No regrets. Top off your meal with a treat from Vaffelbageren, a scrumptious waffle and ice cream corner. Because even on a blustery Scandinavian afternoon, the smell of the home made waffles and ice cream lures you in for a scoop–or two.

Open Faced Sandwich from Café Øresund

When you walk along the port, you begin to understand why Denmark has been considered the happiest country in the world. The Danish has appropriately coined the phrase, The land of Hygge, which translates into the art of coziness and well being. We visited mid-june and average temps ranged from mid 60’s during the day to low 40’s at night. Therefore, adding a warm fleece blanket and overhead heat lamp will transform any chilly evening into a cozy retreat.

Blankets offered on chilly days

Once you’ve reached the end of Nyhavn, the views are awe inspiring. On the waterway, you will notice tour boats along the canal. Although we didn’t have the time for a tour, we did get spectacular views on our many walks throughout Copenhagen. Across the Canal, you will see the sign for Papirøen or Paper island, which is the home for Copenhagen’s Street food. This is a must experience and you can walk there with bridge access.

Papirøen or Paper Island is the home of Copenhagen’s Street food

You will find it difficult to pull yourself away from this quaint part of Copenhagen. You just can’t beat the breathtaking views while enjoying good danish food and drink. The people are extremely welcoming and are equipped to provide good inside information about what to do and see. It’s a nice accessory to your senses– the sights, the sounds, and smells are all working in conjunction with one another to make sure you don’t forget your experience here.

Tour boats along Nyhavn Canal
Nyhavn street adorned with charm

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