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Moon Milk

by libertyjay

This sleepy time tonic had me wondering if it’s just another new age bizarre drink that will have me spending a quarter of my paycheck at Whole Foods for the ingredients. I’ve seen and heard of this drink many times and if you’re anything like me—you’re also finding it hard to get a good nights sleep. So, I finally geared up and got the contents for the drink, and let me tell you…. it’s actually very tasty.

Not only does it help to aid in a more restful sleep, it also helps to quiet the mind and reduce stress. Sign me up! I’ve had this most evenings over the past 2 weeks and I do notice a difference when I have this gorgeous pink concoction.

Want to try your own? Here’s the recipe I used.


6 oz nut milk of choice (I used Macademia milk)

4 oz tart cherry juice.

2 Tbs honey

1/2 tsp ashwagandha

Edible food grade roses for a pleasant sensory experience and for beautifying this drink.

How to make:

Simmer “milk” and tart cherry juice on stovetop.

Remove from heat and whisk in the remainder of ingredients.

For a more frothy drink- add to blender.

Edible roses as desired


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