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It’s essential to get started today

by libertyjay

What is it you are striving to make happen in your life right now?  Is it such a passion you hold so deeply that it awakens you at night?  Do you get excited thinking of the possibilities if it finally happens?  Does it ignite your inner beast?  Do you just wish it has come to fruition already?  Are you waiting for things to be “right” or “perfect” before you can start making it a reality?   Well, don’t wait another day!  Just start now!

Guess what?  Things will never “feel perfect” before you start transforming your desires into reality.  I get it, we like to over-prepare.  But sometimes that’s not always the best thing for our progress.  Think about it–every single test you’ve studied for in the past or when preparing to make a speech or maybe you weren’t sure how that new workout was going to go–still you never felt 100% “prepared.”  Sometimes we don’t know what steps 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, will be UNTIL we actually take that 1st step.  It’s that 1st step that’s the most difficult for people to take but it’s so necessary.  Even if it’s scary or unclear–because that step is what helps the rest of the steps become more vivid.  

I saw a quote that said “A year from now you’ll be glad you started today.”  And that is now my new inner mantra.  I am so aligned with this quote that I have this on my letter-board at home.  (shown above)   This magical advice has helped me start my blog, start my podcast and lastly it has helped me to start writing my book!  I didn’t feel ready but who cares?  I waited for years.  I want this life–NOW!  Where do you want your life to be in a year from right now?  Do you want to be in the same place with the same wishes and desires?  Do you want it to be different?  Can you visualize every detail about what it is you want?  How many excuses can you come up with to keep you from getting there?  Stop thinking and start doing!   TODAY!!

Sure, I was unclear about my writing skills but the more I published a blog post and write in my book– I find that those skills are sharpening.   I told myself for years that I couldn’t write anything of value since I had never went to school for writing.  But I also know this… there are people less qualified than you making their desires happen.  How?  They are just doing it… now.  They are fearless and they are not letting anything get in the way of their life.  What fears do you have that’s preventing you from the life you want to live?   What if you said “F**k fear!”   Who would you be or what would you be doing if fear was not paralyzing your progress?  What if you stopped asking for permission to be living life authentically?  Who would you be?  

Every change in life will challenge you.  That’s just ‘old noise’ leaving for something better…. something that’s more in alignment in your life.  Nobody said it’s easy,  but that’s not a reason to stop moving forward.  Keep going.  Your soul needs to keep growing.  It craves change.  So why deprive it any further?  How will your life improve if you take that step?  A step in the direction of desire is never a bad decision.  Even if it doesn’t exactly turn out how you’ve imagined.   There was a study that was performed querying people on their death beds “What was your biggest regret in life?”  Nearly 100% of those folks talked about all the risks they never took.  They weren’t regretting the things they sought after and failed.  It was about missed opportunities and evading dreams.  Life is short people.  Do you want to look back at your life wondering what it could’ve been like if you tackled your fears took that chance to make life different?  I sure don’t!

What is step one for you?  What can you do to get that ball rolling towards your desired life?  Even baby steps are still steps.  Little progress over time is huge in the end!  How can you stop dreaming and start taking action so you can look back at your life a year from now and thank yourself for becoming fearless?  It doesn’t have to make sense completely right now because it unveils over time.  You just need to start doing.  And then, keep going.  Trust the process and embrace the new journey you are embarking on now.  It’s ok to outgrow your old self.  Promise yourself a better life and never look back.  Don’t you deserve it?  

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