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Why it’s important to start each day with Gratitute

by libertyjay

Do you ever feel that life is controlling you?  Does your day get out of hand and you feel the abyss of bad emotions taking over?  Do you feel that the week was “bad” and you can’t wait for the weekend?  Are you just in “a bad mood?”  Do you want a change… for real?  Are you willing to put in the effort?

I needed a change in a big way.  I was unhappy and unfulfilled with many areas of my life.  Although, I had a good career, a good relationship and I had nice friends…. I felt like I wasn’t truly living the life I actually wanted.  I was bitter, anxious, tired, bored, uninspired, lazy, insecure and just didn’t like…. me.  Gaining 50 lbs didn’t help with my self esteem, either.  I ate everything I could get my hands on.  I was out of control. I stopped taking care of myself.  I let myself become a person I wasn’t in touch with at all.  I thought I had nothing to offer anyone.  I stopped growing mentally.  I stopped learning.  I stopped creating.  I stopped going out.  I stopped living.  I was living on “life-support.” It was a dark place to be.

I wanted a career change and I was afraid of how I was going to make it happen.  I went to school for 6 years to become a Physician Assistant so how can I change it now with all the hard work I put towards my degree.  It’s what I knew.  Who am I if I’m not working as a PA?  I was starting to detest my career.  The fact that I felt miserable coming into work each day only made matters worse. It wasn’t the patients that made me feel this way….. it was the cooperate side of work.  This was a huge organization I was working in and I wanted to have more freedom and I wanted to live life on my own terms.  I wanted to determine my hours when I knew when I was more productive (which is early morning for me). I didn’t care how selfish that made me sound.  I had already felt that way in the past – which is why I hadn’t made any changes that I’ve been wanting to make for 10 years!   I felt guilty for feeling this way.  I adored my boss of 15 years and we had an almost perfect working relationship with mutual respect.  Why was I feeling like this?  I wanted to be my own boss.  What a concept.  That seemed impossible.  Run my own life?  Be a fabulous Lady-Boss.. owning my own stuff.  I was ready.  I was hungry and more importantly – I was becoming increasingly “not-scared”.   Watch out world… This girl is coming for ya!

Ok, let me be honest.  I am still on my journey of “changing my life” here at my current place of work.  You are actually watching my journey unfold.  Right here and right now.  I have taken many steps and taken on a better mindset to be in a better place.  It’s made a huge difference.  The results I see are real and not some “hippy dippy feel good” feelings that are imagined.  I follow the “Law of Attraction” and guess what…. IT WORKS!

What am I talking about?!  You see, the universe of made up of ENERGY and so are we.    It also means that we have energy in our thoughts.  REAL tangible and measurable energy that is transmitted through our everyday thoughts. We manifest our own reality because if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen.  On the flip-side, when you think positive thoughts….. guess what?  You got it… positive things happen!

First, you need to start by being truly grateful for what you already have.  No matter how bad you think your situation is now because it gets better!  Each day write down a list of things you are grateful for in your life.  You can start with the fact you are alive another day here on earth.  Maybe a roof over your head and meals to eat.  Be grateful for people close to you in life.  Your job…even if you don’t like it.  It took me some time to be thankful for my career.  Overall, I was grateful for my wonderful boss.  He is so wonderful to work with daily.  I was grateful that I had a career since many folks are unemployed.  I was grateful for my assistant for putting patients in the rooms for me.  I was grateful for the x-rays tech for taking the x-rays and so on….. You can do the same.  Just start thinking of all the things that you are TRULY GRATEFUL for in your life.  Write a list of 10 things daily.  Here’s the catch…. you can’t fake it.  The energy of the universe knows your thoughts and the energy around them.  You have to FEEL grateful.  Believe it and then know it as truth.

By thinking this way daily in EVERY aspect of my life…. life got better!  I mean…. substantially better.  Work seemed more pleasant.  It seemed to get easier.  My relationships with my colleagues improved.  I was starting to enjoy it much more.  But, this wasn’t the only thing that transpired from all those positive thoughts…. I FINALLY knew what career path I wanted and HOW to make it happen!  I have thought about this for 10 years!  Only 2 months of practicing the “Law of Attraction” I had a real plan for my life!  I want to write a book and so I started!  If it wasn’t meditating for inspiration to come my direction, it wouldn’t have come at all.  For the 1st time in many years I am finally on a new career path because it is so clear to me now.

So many things transpire through our thoughts.  If you think you can’t lose weight–guess what?  Through those negative thoughts, the universe listens and then delivers.  You won’t lose weight.   Same with success.  If you think you can’t be successful in the things you want to do….. guess what?  The universe is still listening and then you won’t be successful.  Is your relationship in shambles?  Well, now start listening to your inner narrator and change the way you think.

There is more about this in the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  This book changed my thinking and ultimately the trajectory of my life.  I wake up every day and send gratitude towards the universe for my life.  Continue to be grateful for everything, even the small things, and the universe will continue to pick up on your vibration and deliver more of the same to you.


Eileen March 17, 2019 - 7:49 pm

Love this Liberty! You’re an inspiration and I feel very grateful to be working with you! Going to think positive thoughts and put out there in the universe that I’m going to do a great job! Thank you!

libertyjay March 18, 2019 - 4:33 am

Thank you for you comment! So glad you enjoyed it. We are so excited you joined our team


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