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Mediterranean Zoodles

by libertyjay

Wow!  Oodles of Zoodles are taking over the internet!  They have become so popular it’s almost on every food bloggers post.  (including mine)  I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly excited about this peculiar dish and even tried a few recipes and thought, “What’s the hype?”  I even had my own food processor to make these silly strings and what a disaster that turned out to be.  But low and behold… I saw them pre-strung and my ‘o my what a time to be alive!  Still, I wasn’t enjoying the concoctions I was making–until now.

I must say if you enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean, you know, olives, feta cheese and Balsamic vinegar, you are in for a real treat.  I can almost taste the Vina Senjlovic Bosso now!  Even better–it’s really simple to make.  You can easily make this entire dish in under 15 min since there is nothing here that needs to “cook”.  You’re essentially just warming it up.

Ok, the only ingredient that is not listed is the balsamic vinegar, but in my own defense, the lid would not screw on tightly and it was hard to get this picture without a huge mess.. since I needed it to lay on its side.  But, we’ll just move on.

First, heat up a pan with your choice of oil.  I used avocado oil since that is my personal favorite.  I chopped up the garlic and heated it up for about 5 min.

Next, add the zoodles, using as much as you need and cook them for another 5 min.  (It’s almost like pasta– you choose how you want the texture) While that was heating up I chopped up the tomatoes and Kalamata Olives.

Lastly, add the tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar to taste and mix together.  I also added Cilantro and lemon juice for more zesty flavors.  And trust me, these flavors are extremely complimentary.  It’s soooooo good! 

Viola!  That’s it!  You now have a healthy zoodle dish that will satisfy.  Even my boyfriend who is a bonafide carnivore and demands meat at every meal enjoyed this dish, too.  Have fun creating your dish and… Bon Appetit!


R July 19, 2018 - 1:51 am

Excellent. I’m hungry already!

libertyjay July 22, 2018 - 3:37 pm

You should make it sometime!

libertyjay July 26, 2018 - 2:55 pm

Thanks for reading! ??


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