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How SoulCycle changed my life

by libertyjay

What’s Soulcycle?,  I asked my friend when I learned one of the studios were opening near me in just a few months.  It’s a super hard and fun spinning exercise choreographed to great music.  Hmmmm….. What date does it open?  How much does it cost?  How do I sign up for my first class?  Do I need my own shoes?  Will they have early morning classes? Do they have showers??

My inquiry came as no surprise since I was 50 lbs overweight.  Yup, 50 lbs.  I had gained it all within a 2 year span.  I had too many factors that added on the poundage and most of it was stress.  I ate every emotion during this time and I cannot even explain how miserable I felt.  I stopped going out with my live-in boyfriend.  I stopped being intimate.  I stopped wearing makeup or doing my hair. I exiled myself from all my friends.  I stopped wearing my clothing that I outgrew and sadly refused to buy a bigger size, as this meant I accepted this larger and unfit body.  I made lame attempts to hide myself in oversized hospital scrubs.  Pitiful pursuit.  The only thing I couldn’t hide were the feelings I had towards myself.  I actually detested who I became during this time.  Not only was I unhappy about how I looked– I also became more depressed.  I was completely uninspired and bored with my life.  I was bored at my home, bored at work and I lost touch with my friends during this time.  What the hell happened?  Who am I?

To be completely honest, I have no pictures of me during this time.  None.  There were nothing to take pictures of beside the treats I was baking to put on Instagram.  Can you say hashtag bakegoods….  Yeah, this was a hinderance. 

Me 50 lbs lighter.  (photo from instagram @angelshark1919)

May 27, 2016 I was at my heaviest weight when I stepped in the brand new SoulCycle studio.  Not only was it the first day it opened… it was the first class–at 6AM.  I had concerns that the “fit people” would see my belly-rolls as I sat on my bike.  (I was at the point in my weight when I could feel my belly jiggle when I brushed my teeth)

The staff at SoulCycle are phenomenal.  I was comfortable as soon as I grabbed my cycling shoes and while offering friendly smiles, they helped to set up my bike.  I had never had a spinning class with this type of shoe before.  Hashtag SPD….  but there I was, all set up and ready to go.  Is anyone looking at my backfat?

The lights went down and the music went up and the instructor, Ryan Lewis,  was connecting with every. single. person, including myself, in that room.  I was in a trance.  It was so FUN!   It was his infectious energy that got me hooked.  I was struggling to keep up with every song and couldn’t catch my breath, but that’s exactly what I needed.  Tap back?  Sure!  Push-up? Hell yeah!  Around-the-world?  Bring it!  I became a sweaty, sloppy mess and my hair fell out of my bun.  But, I just had one of the most challenging workouts of my life!  Thank god it’s dark in there!  I was immediately obsessed and told everyone about my experience and how I used that day to symbolically “draw a line in the sand” and work towards my health goals.  Side note– nobody cares about how you look in that room!  

I became more lighter, more fit and the stress was melting away with every pound.  I was coming for more than just a mere workout.  This is not just a spinning class any longer. I was coming with a new found mental clarity and a new fire and lust for life.  I felt ambitious again.  I was able to removed the mental cob-webs from the dusty attic in my head.  I wanted more from my life and this place certainly helps to abolish the negative chatter we tend to have with ourselves.  Why must we do this? Don’t we deserve better?

Over the course of the year,  I lost the 50lbs and I gained so much from it–my life.  I reconnected with my old friends ,and gained a wonderful network of new friends within the Soulcycle walls.  The community here baffles me every day.  The friendships and connections that I have here is unparalleled.  I was going out again.  Became intimate again.  I wore my old clothes and bought new ones!  I was wearing makeup and watching hair tutorial.  I was living my best life! 

My SoulCycle community 

I was happy again.

I continue to ride around 6 classes a week and I am still inspired by the people I have connected with through SoulCycle.  I feel fearless.  I am expending into the woman I gave up on a few years ago.  She deserves so much more.  I am making career and life shifts now.  This is something I never would have dreamed of nor dare to attempt a few years ago.  I started this blog, I started a Podcast Life of Liberty and I am writing my first book.  This is all in conjunction working full time as a Health Care Professional and part time as a Life Coach.  As Alicia Keys says best, This Girl is on fire!

Ryan Lewis was the first instructor I rode with at Soulcycle

I went to Soulcycle to lose weight.  But, I lost so much more than that.  I lost my insecurities, lost my negative chatter, lost my mental blocks to make changes in my life, lost old habits that no longer served any purpose for me and lost any fear of judgements towards me.  And the gains are so much sweeter–I have gained health, confidence, happiness, friends, inspiration, and a true sense of my purpose that I have never understood until now.  I am living my best life.

I was able to ride Podium for Yael’s class

Thank you from every corner of my heart, Soulcycle, and to all of the wonderful people I have connected to within those magical walls.  There’s a saying, “Soul people are the best people”.  Thank you for saving and enriching my life on many levels…..now let’s clip-in!


Emelia July 26, 2018 - 3:41 am

Love this! I’m so amazed by you and grateful we met! Excited to read more! Xoxo

libertyjay July 26, 2018 - 2:54 pm

Awww thank you so much love! I am so glad we cultivated a friendship too! See you tomorrow. ❤️❤️

Kelly August 17, 2018 - 6:33 pm

You’re energy is inspiring to witness. Can’t wait to see what you create next.

libertyjay August 17, 2018 - 11:59 pm

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! And def thanks for reading! Xoxo


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