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Spectacular Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

by libertyjay

Iceland is a fairytale place to visit.  And, I was especially surprised by the amount of ice on Diamond Beach in June.  We spent a full 5 days in June and the temps averaged daily around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not too cold but I never thought that this much ice would be here to see.  Magically scattered on a black sand beach made this place even more captivating.  The chunks of ice sparkling and glistening in the sun make them look like “diamonds” on the beach.  Located close to the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and Glacier Lagoon one can easily walk from one place to another.  This experience is positively jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.  Just seeing the Glacier in the distance that has been around since the last ice-age was absolutely mind blowing to me.  Listening to the sounds of the ocean and the calving of the Glaciers themselves is something you must experience when visiting Iceland.

You can also take a boat tour around Glacier Lagoon.  We sadly didn’t have time for that but I didn’t feel like we were missing out since our views were still incredible.  I would suggest getting accommodations out this way since we had a 4-5 hour drive back to Reykjavik that evening.  We didn’t mind, though, since we made some amazing stops along the way back for some incredible sight-seeing.

Glacier Lagoon-Iceland

The Icebergs that find their home in the Lagoon can reside for 5 years.  Eventually, they break down and and find themselves going out a small passage to sea.  The Atlantic Ocean crashes at the icebergs into the black volcanic sand and transforms them into the translucent “diamonds” that are found on Diamond Beach.  

Diamond Beach-Iceland

If you visit Iceland, this is a “must-see”.  It’s majestic in every way.  It’s like looking at the past and future in one area.  This experience will not disappoint.  

Glacier Lagoon-Iceland

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