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Fabulous Ice-Cream in Chinatown, New York

by libertyjay

In the heart of Chinatown in NYC there is a hidden gem of a place called Eggloo.  These ice-creams are not only pretty – they are immensely good!  There are so many options to chose from when creating your own frozen goodie.  You have the option to get the rose embossed ice-cream like the one above.  I also added the 2 strawberry Pocky sticks…. you know, for the Gram.  There are other toppings to chose from, as well.  Some include fruity pebbles, coconut flakes, M&Ms, crushed Oreo, sprinkles….. the list is long.  The actual waffle is hot, soft and delectable.  I could’ve had the waffle alone and would have been content!  It was really that good.   By the time I got all my pics with this pretty treat it was melting bad.  The line wasn’t too long.  It was certainly worth it on this hot and humid day.  Enjoy your “treat day!”

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