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A day in New York

by libertyjay

Wow!  What a hot and humid day in New York over Memorial weekend.  Walking around after a 1 hour class at Soul Cycle probably didn’t help either.  Needless to say, we had a great day.  I love coming to NYC for a quick recharge.  The liveliness of the city is what seduces me to come frequently.  I’ve always imagined myself living here but for now, I am happy coming here every month or two.  I live near Philadelphia so its easy for me to get here.  Every time I come here, I want to look cute but also comfortable since it’s easy to rack up to 7 miles of walking – which we normally do.  This outfit was actually perfect.  I was both comfortable and I thought it looked cute to boot.  We didn’t have any “fancy” plans.  Just trotting through this energizing city, finding fun foods & treats, light shopping and taking in the awesome playground this city offers.

I got this top from Target.  What a place that is, huh?  I got this on sale for around $18.  Shows that you really don’t need expensive things to look polished.  On the flip-side, I got the leggings at Lululemon but luckily for me I had a gift certificate for my birthday….. from..eh-hem… 10 months ago!  I forgot all about it, until I switched out my wallet!  The shoes did fine.  They are from Superga.  I really love a platform sneaker.  By the end of the day, my feet needed a little TLC because of the lack of motion of the sole but overall I was comfortable. The backpack is from River Island.  I LOVE this online shop!  Check it out.  Everything looks high end without the price tag.  My favorite necklace is from Origami Owl.  You can build your own locket.  It’s a nice statement piece when you are dressed more casually.  I like to make a balance of my own personal glamour and casual when I come to New York for the day.

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