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Pickles & Poutine In NYC

by libertyjay

While spending another day here in New York City, we had the chance to eat at Jacobs Pickles.  A place completely motivated by pickles. Ok, sign me up!  This southern-style restaurant located in the upper west side is a uniquely charismatic spot.  This rustic atmosphere is undeniably inviting.  We lucked out when we came here, because it wasn’t as busy as usual.  We waited around 30 min for a table for two.  The wait can sometimes be 1-2 hours.  Is it worth it?  OMG…YES!  The food is just amazing.  We did the same thing we always do when we go out to eat…. we over-ordered.  We’ll never learn.  The poutine here is perfect.  We both enjoy poutine very much and have a difficult time finding authentic poutine near Philadelphia. It is their largest starter and we filled up on this alone– right before our entrees arrived to the table. Somehow, we managed to eat more and was able to get dessert after, too. Don’t worry, we are professionals.

A wonderful array of pickled veggies are showcased in mason jars, and I could’ve made a meal from these alone. I ate lighter with a chicken ceasar salad and Mike went for the classic hamburger. Everything was so fresh and topping it off with a beer on a hot day, made it that much sweeter.

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